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Rent furniture for short period in Edmonton and surrounding areas including Stony Plain, Spruce Grove, Leduc, Nisku, St. Albert, Devon, Sherwood Park and Beaumont.

Edmonton Short term Furniture Rental Company

Short term furniture LeaseFurniture can be hired from one month up to four years, and we can furnish an entire premise at short notice. Whether you are on short term relocation or you require rental furniture as a stop break before your own furniture arrives in Edmonton, Elegant Furnishings can help. Furthermore, when you are done with lease towards the end of your stay, we can also offer to pick it up for you at the end of your assignment. If you want to buy the furniture at the end we can also work out a very enticing package. Renting from Elegant Furnishings is designed to be as easy as possible for commuting experts. Select from our move-in ready packages, which includes furniture selected by our professional team, or pick your own pieces of furniture that fit your personal style. Then choose any additional accent pieces you may require including cushions, lamps, paintings and much more and review online. Our team will undertake the heavy lifting and ensure that your premise is structured before you arrive on assignment.

What is a furniture rental best solution for?

During the transition, we all require a place to stay, a place to call home. Why stress with purchasing, moving, setting up and getting to transfer, sell, store or discard furniture when you are done with it, when you can rent furniture from Elegant Furnishings? Convenient, cost-effective and stress-free furniture rental is the best, flexible option during the transition.

Dining Furniture Rental

Convenient & personalized

Personalize your area by selecting your furniture by the piece or by the room. With Elegant Furnishings move-in ready packages, a well-trained professional will pick furniture to meet your requirements and budget.

Elegant Furniture Edmonton

Ideal short-term solutions

Whether you are a student, joint commuter, stager, employee being transferred by the company or serving in the military, furniture rental is a great solution. From some months to some years and everything in between, Elegant Furnishings has the short term furniture rental lease term option you require for your stay.

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Your immediate, professional delivery includes a full furniture package setup including accessories such as lampshade. Elegant Furnishing offers a furnished life without long term commitment or compromise.

Renting Furniture in Edmonton

What type of short-term furniture can you get?

If you are looking for furniture and only need it on a temporary basis, we have the solution you are looking for. We have short-term furniture rental program in place when you rent furniture just for a week, for instance when transporting your household goods from around Edmonton or when only wanting to rent for a short period of time. When you require to rent furniture for a longer period of time about five months to 50 months, Elegant Furnishings has various furniture rental lines in place to suit every style. You can rent a set per room or temporary packages for your new premises or apartment.

How can we help

At Elegant Furnishing, we understand not everyone who requires furniture requirements it for an extended time — that why we render affordable solutions for those who require short term furniture rentals. We specialize in offering rental furniture packages and home staging furniture packages for temporary relocation. Elegant Furnishings rental packages include a wide range of high-quality contemporary living room, bedroom, dining room furniture and much more. Furthermore, you will not have to be placed on a waitlist, since our variety of inventory furniture is always adequately stocked and offer enough options for you to choose from.

Trust Elegant Furnishing network furniture quality:

Clean and excellent condition

Our furniture arrives undamaged and clean; therefore, you can feel at home the time you walk through the door.


Whether you are looking for comfort, style or quality or all of these, Elegant Furnishings has a broad selection to match your preferences.


Not only are furniture rental cost affordable, But Elegant Furnishing also renders flexible lease terms, therefore, have what you want when you require it.