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Set up your home or property by renting furniture in Nisku, St. Albert, Stony Plain, Spruce Grove, Leduc, Devon, Sherwood Park, Edmonton and Beaumont.

Home staging furniture rental

Need to get an edge of the competition? Staging premises or apartment model for sale or rent is a significant factor in helping your prospects visualize themselves living their dream in one of your premises. Elegant Furnishings has a wide selection of high-quality designers staging furniture for rent including add-ons, accent pieces, and bedding for the bedrooms, living room, dining room, and more. We will assist you to create an envision of what life in a new home will be. With flexible lease terms, pick-up scheduling and easy delivery, besides our high-quality customer service, our home staging furniture and accessory rentals get staging a home easy and convenient for any budget.

Home staging is a way of displaying a house in the best possible light to the potential buyers, with the aim of selling it faster and for a better price. The responsibility of a home stager it to take an area and make it alluring to a wide variety of buyers. Elegant Furnishings expertise lies in working with homeowners, builders and realtors in the Edmonton and the surrounding areas by offering very economical packages. There are a number of packages you can select for occupied premises, and there is also a package for vacant premises that include accessories and rental furniture.

What is home staging?

Home Staging Furniture Rental Edmonton

Home staging is an effective sales technique that incorporates decorating with marketing and creates an experience for home or apartments buyers. It is about more than only furnishing a home. It is about selling a lifestyle. The components of home staging will assist neutralize your home by removing all possible distractions and instead draw the focus to the home features. Home staging helps you to market your home to the biggest audience possible by improving the potentials of your home. This can be simple as minimizing clutter and rearranging the area, or as complex as creating a staging plan and offering the furniture and accessories required to execute the plan. Every home is special and will need a different range of services although all begin with an initial consultation, giving a complete home evaluation including a written report with all guidance for improvements and updates. We assist to clearly define all areas of the home to remove those distractions that will keep buyers from seeing and remembering the exceptional features of your house.

Renting Furniture in Edmonton

How can staging furniture help make the sale or lease out property?

Home staging is a powerful way of transforming unoccupied residential real estate into warm, inviting home that people need to buy or rent. Elegant Furnishings helps Edmonton area real estate agents, private homeowners, and professional home stagers showcase their property with a broad selection of rental furniture, accessories, and artwork. It is usual for a home to sell or lease within days of being staged. At Elegant Furnishings, we can quickly connect you to the style of living room, dining room and bedroom furniture perfect suited to the property you are trying to sell or lease with our great home staging services. We at Elegant Furnishings have staged significant homes through every neighborhood in Edmonton to understand the perfect way to go about it. We are professionals, timely, and committed on staging your home to sell. We only offer the products we know will homage the style of your home for sale to ensure people can see themselves living in your premises for sale. Home staging services benefit everyone looking to sell a home. It can make your home stand out in the neighborhood, increase the discerned value of your premises, make your house easier to market, alluring more people to view your premises and sell your home quickly.

Why choose Elegant Furnishings for staging furniture

  • We are experts and professional. Best stager certified graduate leader offer our expertise and knowledge.
  • We are registered and insured home staging and redesign company in Edmonton.
  • We have an inventory of beautiful and special accessories
  • We are creative, well organized and enthusiastic. We help improve the positive potential and remove any negative feedback.
  • We have homeowner and realtor hassle-free process plan
  • We do home staging to sell quickly and for a higher price
  • We do redesign to assist you to live in your own dream house
  • We provide you with a detailed written consultation report
  • We have sensible pricing packages
  • We maintain customer relationships on an individual level so we can cater to every individual’s requirements accordingly.