Furniture Rental Experts in Edmonton

Edmonton Furniture Rental company

Renting furniture is a better option in some cases because it is more cost-effective as well as a convenient alternative to buying furniture for temporary situations. When you buy furniture, you have to worry about setting it up, storing or disposing which can be burdening especially if it is for short period of time. When you rent from Elegant Furnishings, not only do we deliver but also set up your furniture. We also pick it up for you when you leave.

Most Canadian apartments are not furnished for students. Some offer basics like bed. Elegant Furnishings can set up your new home with good as well as sturdy looking furniture. We offer delivery and as well as setup and when the school year is done, we will come pick up the furniture.

You can rent furniture for short term period depending on your preference. We offer monthly and even yearly furniture rental packages.

Yes, you can choose a date, given that the date is available and delivery is scheduled 48 business hours in advance.

We offer furniture rental to both individuals as well as companies. Be it for personal use or company renting for their employees/ contractors, we offer packages for everyone.

Yes, we provide options to all our customers. Our aim is to have satisfied customers. Hence we work diligently with customers to give them furniture options that they would like to rent.

If you decide you like the furniture and you want to keep it, we offer to sell it to you at very reasonable pricing.

We provide top quality imported as well as local furniture rental for living rooms, bedrooms, dining room, offices, trade shows and more.